Hayden Zou Joins Nine Rivers Distillery

Oct 07 2019

7th October 2019 Longyan City, China.

Nine Rivers Distillery appoints Hayden Zou to the role of General Manager and also to the Board of Directors.

Hayden brings with him an extensive experience that includes a number of foreign owned and foreign invested startups at board level roles over the past 15 years.

Simon Szewach – Nine Rivers Distillery

“Hayden was a solid choice for us because he has the perfect pedigree – foreign owned start up within the China legal framework. Bringing two quite different business cultures together in perfect harmony to make things work.

Being able to facilitate the expectations of foreign business stakeholders while ensuring compliance with the rules and regulations of the China business framework is a very special talent and we spent a long time finding the perfect person for this role. The board and I believe we have made the right choice in appointing Hayden to our team.”

Hayden Zou – Nine Rivers Distillery

“My introduction to Nine Rivers Distillery was a coincidence – I actually worked for one of the key investors in this project at two previous companies. I was taking a sabbatical at the time but the chance to work with familiar people on something new and exciting was interesting enough to me to learn more.

I met with a few of the board members and started to understand their vision for this project. It will be a massive challenge for all of us, but I believe that challenges are what bring out the strengths in both individuals and in teams that work together.”

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