Architecture 3D Renders Release

Aug 01 2021

Nine Rivers Distillery officially released some 3D renders of the proposed architecture for the distillery that will be built in Longyan City, Fujian Province.

Offering a true 360 degree 3D view of the planned development, it shows all 4 buildings to scale with an example of the final brick finish and the mash up of various complementary styles of architecture.

The architecture style draws upon obvious influences from the residence of Zhang Lei, the Nanjing Gaochun Poet, the Shaanxi Fuping International Ceramic Art Museum, the Beijing Qingshui Guild Hall (Dong Yugan), Chengdu Lanxi Ting (Yuan Yuan) and a few late Victorian and Edwardian buildings from England including Birmingham University.

The aim was to create a distinct and individual style that not only veers away from the bland industrial styles of historical whisky distilleries in Scotland, but also not to be modern for the sake of being modern.

There are functional benefits to avoiding the currently popular “greenhouse” designs with floor to ceiling glass windows (primarily because heat is a problem for distilling and ageing in Fujian province) but also because we have no intention of being “another one of those distillery startups” by following the crowd.

Please scroll down and use your mouse (if you’re using a computer) or your touch screen (if you’re using a smartphone or a tablet) to interact with the 3D render and to change the viewing perspective. Enjoy!

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